006: steve mcpherson


we chipped in on the debate on plastic with a wonderful piece of archivism from steve mcpherson.

With a (self-proclaimed) obsessive nature, McPherson's love of collecting, mapping, collating and documenting otherwise mundane objects is underpinned by a love for the banal. 

From oceanic installations of 3000+ books spilt on the floor of a London gallery, to small scenes of mutation preserved in specimen boxes forming the contents of a continuous and growing contemporary WunderKrammer; McPherson sifts the detritus of life and presents it as evidence that we live in our own museums of marvellous mystery, and in doing so questions our faith in those things we claim we know.

In his recent series 'Marine Plastic', McPherson collects discarded plastic and junk from his local coastline, and arranges them by colour and shape. Collected over two decades, these discarded items, wave worn and sun bleached - often unrecognisable - find a new lease of life in McPherson's glorious mosaic-like works.

McPherson's 'Visibility', is the perfect piece to accompany this week's hot topic: plastic. After Blue Planet turned the spotlight on our plastic addiction, Theresa May has vowed to ban all avoidable plastic by 2042, describing it as "one of the great environmental scourges of our time". Quite right, Theresa. 

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