Working for TAP London makes me feel like a human again.
— One of our wonderful vendors



Viktor is a trained chef, who moved over from Hungary 6 years ago. Following the breakdown of a relationship, Viktor fell into homelessness. Despite being hundreds of miles from his family, he has rebuilt his life against all odds. Sleeping rough, but staying future focussed, Viktor is ready for - and deserving of - a fresh start. We met him during street outreach on New Oxford Street, and were blown away by his positivity, charisma and determination. 



Liam was kicked out of  the family home as a young teenager, and has spent periods of time on the streets since, struggling with addiction. Now in recovery, Liam is working hard to create a more stable future for himself. A kind stranger on LinkedIn introduced us to Liam after seeing our post advertising roles for the homeless. A smart, friendly and genuine Manchester lad -  you can hear Liam's laugh from 50 feet.

In their words

TAP is a product of the personality, banter and hard work of its vendors. So it's only right that we hear from them too. This is their space to write whatever they like - be it about the people they met that day, their hopes for the future, or just what they had for breakfast.