Charity spotlight: Summer Hype

Who as a child, has seen classmates spend the entire summer stuck inside the house, missing out on the joy of holidays and the camaraderie of summer camp? Not because they didn’t want to, rather that their parents simply couldn’t afford to. Perhaps that classmate was you, and you remember friends returning tanned, and brimming with stories, or slow hours holed up in your mum's office clock-watching. 

Summer Hype was founded by students Manya and Emma to tackle this very problem. Dreamt up back when they were young teens, they launched the charity in 2015. Their goal was to enable every Hackney school child to go on a 7-day residential camp, no matter the size of their parents' pay-cheque. 

This August, for the third consecutive year, Summer Hype will run its summer camp in Grosvenor, Kent. The camp has continued to grow year on year, and this time will be hosting 40 children (up 10 on 2016). But Summer Hype is not just about wonderful memories, friendships and fun; it is also focussed on supporting and advancing these children as individuals. The majority of the kids come from disadvantaged areas of Hackney, and are linked to the charity by their primary schools, so safeguarding and support are priorities.

I’m going to apologise to my mum when I get home. Being here has shown me that I haven’t been treating people with respect. I’m going to change that.

There are 14 leaders each summer, all with past experience leading summer camps, and a welfare officer is on site at all times. One-to-one support is available at all times for any child that needs it. Every year Summer Hype choose a value-based theme, and set up fun activities to enforce these values; this year it's aspiration. Small discussion groups are set up for the kids to discuss and debate current issues such as environment every day. 

I want to be the first black Prime Minister

All of the leaders work at the camp on a voluntary basis, but nevertheless - running a camp is expensive, coming in at about £400 per child. And because the charity doesn’t want to turn anyone away, the registration is £30, and only if the parents can afford it. By donating to Summer Hype today, you can make a real difference to the lives of young Hackneyites; making ours a better, fairer borough.

Adeline Coignet 

Adeline is a fundraising fanatic, working with multiple charities across London during her year out from University. Truly passionate about the third sector, we are extremely fortunate to have secured some of Adeline's time as a writer for TAP.