A psycho-siesta

I took my first two days' holiday from work this week, heading over to sunny Spain for a long weekend. Whilst I was far-away in body, sipping on a cerveza and eating a stupendous amount of croquettes, my mind didn't wander too far from TAP. But rather than worrying about emails, fussing over wifi access or nagging Katie from afar, I found myself overwhelmed with feelings of pride and gratefulness. So sit back readers, and prepare yourselves: it's going to get cheesy.


Back in November, I bought a bottle of prosecco at a wine-tasting, and Katie and I swore that when we left JWT we would drink it in celebration of our departure. That time came and went, and the bottle remained corked, gathering dust next to a long-forgotten tennis racket in my cupboard. We mapped out several further opportunities to celebrate, but forgot those too. With so many other milestones, people to chase and emails to send it never seemed the right time. Finally, a few weeks ago we drank it, albeit watered down with orange juice and tempered with admin and emails. 

In Malaga, with the benefit of booze and contemplation - I finally felt celebratory. In only three months, we've done so much: pitched, written business plans, dealt with rejection, dealt with success, argued, been sassed, been bold, hit big, immovable brick walls and navigated ways round them. We've become more dexterous, devious, infinitely smarter and more resourceful. We have managed to always remain a team, to treat each other with kindness and to pass on our best qualities to one another. I am certainly tougher, more tenacious and resistant to rejection thanks to Katie and her love for TED talks and self-help books. 

Looking forward to getting back home, and making the time to raise a glass, sin orange juice.

From Polly, in Malaga with a rouge nose and a whole lotta cheese.