A view from Southbank

Happy Tuesday! After a long weekend it was good to be back at work.

We tried a new location on Southbank and although it was a lovely day, the shift started slowly. People loved the artcards and laughed along with the banter, but when it came to tapping, no-one seemed keen. It appears Southbank is the only place in London where cash is king.

People kept trying to give us cash. One guy even tried to give me a fiver, but I wouldn't accept it.

Here's the deal folks, £3 cash buys me a sandwich (if I'm lucky), whereas a £3 TAP helps me to earn a wage to work towards changing my life. It's a no brainer.

So come on London, don't be a big drip, TAP today to change my future.

Big hugs to all those who did TAP.

Much love, Liam x