Happy New Year

Happy New Years.

We say this a lot at this time of year. I'm sure you've already spread these good wishes with your family, friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers on the bus and tube. A new year is a chance for a new beginning, to do things differently. Some people like to make resolutions, others take out expensive gym memberships and never use them.  But I want to talk about what these 3 little words mean to me this year.

For me the morning of January 1st 2018 seemed no different to any other morning in recent memory. I woke up, had breakfast and then had to find a way to entertain myself until that evening. This was a Bank Holiday Monday and everywhere was shut. . . all the homeless day centres, the libraries even the Church drop ins. I spent the day with a few other homeless guys and can say that although I was bored, I was truly HAPPY about the NEW YEAR.

The reason for this is because of you people reading this blog. I'm sure you didn't come upon this by chance, you were directed here because you have been told about the work of TAP London or you have met one of us on the street. This year I am happy because I have been given the opportunity to lift myself out of poverty. Every single TAP we got in the 4 weeks we operated in December 2017 validated what we are doing. Every single person who stopped and listened to mine and the other vendors stories helped us feel a little more human. Every Friday when I got paid I realised that I was worth something, because I had earned that money.

So this really is a HAPPY NEW YEAR for me. This is an exciting time where I have an opportunity to grow alongside my fellow vendors. But TAP only works because you folks reading this stop and talk to us and then TAP to purchase an artcard. You help us to support ourselves and help us to support homeless services in London. So this year if you are making resolutions (or looking to replace ones already broken) then why not make a really simple one! This year you can resolve to help someone to work their way out of poverty by finding a vendor and listening to what they have to say.

I really do wish you all an amazing 2018, Happy New Year

Liam xx 

A view from Southbank

Happy Tuesday! After a long weekend it was good to be back at work.

We tried a new location on Southbank and although it was a lovely day, the shift started slowly. People loved the artcards and laughed along with the banter, but when it came to tapping, no-one seemed keen. It appears Southbank is the only place in London where cash is king.

People kept trying to give us cash. One guy even tried to give me a fiver, but I wouldn't accept it.

Here's the deal folks, £3 cash buys me a sandwich (if I'm lucky), whereas a £3 TAP helps me to earn a wage to work towards changing my life. It's a no brainer.

So come on London, don't be a big drip, TAP today to change my future.

Big hugs to all those who did TAP.

Much love, Liam x

A Tail of Payday

Today we worked on Carnaby Street and had a new vendor come out for a trial shift. This was really fun, and the people we spoke with were already feeling festive.

I met Serge (and his human Sophie who tapped for him). This was my favourite part of the day, but it's really hard for me not to be the cutest thing in this picture.


Liam and Serge.JPG


The best part of today was seeing my wages hit the bank. Money that I had earned, money that would help me to have a better week, money that will pay for essentials...money that shows that homeless people are capable of doing a job.

I loved talking to you all today and the rest of this week. I feel so overwhelmed that so many of you guys have tapped to support myself and the other vendors to change their lives. I can't wait to see what next weeks image is on the 3rd TAP Artcard. If you want to find out you need to find a vendor and buy one for £3.

Have a lovely weekend

Liam xx