Our first card of 2018 commemorated the death of our beloved bowie, and the launch of musk's latest project 'falcon heavy'.

The artist to bestow such an honour? The wonderful Mark Powell.

Powell is a London-based artist who reuses old envelopes and documents as canvases to produce incredible drawings. His sketches are created using only a Biro pen, and often incorporate original stamps and postage marks.

By recycling the envelopes, Powell preserves a piece of personal history, and saves that correspondence from irrelevance. In this way, each portrait becomes entwined with the canvas, the unique stamps, handwriting and markings adding a layer of depth and narrative to his work. 

This week, we've used Powell's portrait of David Bowie to not only commemorate the death of our beloved Ziggy, but also to celebrate the imminent launch of Elon Musk's 'Falcon Heavy'. The most powerful rocket ever built, it will kick off Musk's long-term plan of colonising Mars by 2024.

The rocket will blare out Bowie's 'Space Oddity', for the entirety of its mission. A fitting tribute to the man who was Britain's most vivid trailblazer, 'Falcon Heavy' will fire up its 27 engines on January 10th; the same day that Bowie hung up his spacesuit two years ago. 

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