001: Joe Webb


For our first card, we featured one of our favourite artists, Joe Webb.

As a collage artist, not only is Webb a dab hand with a scalpel, but he's also a masterful social commentator. His collages are created with a message in mind - be it climate change, war or inequality; Webb examines what it means to live in the modern world and pushes the boundaries with a rebellious imagination. 

Webb has developed something of a cult following in recent years; his work shared far and wide on Instagram, Pinterest and further into the depths of the world wide web. You can also find Joe's work at the Saatchi Gallery, and on Chris Martin's living room wall (if you ever get the invite). 

Webb will be exhibiting at For Art Sake Gallery in Ealing, April 2018, so be sure to get it in the diary now.

see more of joe's work