contactless fundraising

Last year, we raised over £5.5k for Islington Foodbank, Summer Hype and Single Homeless Project, engaging over 2,000 people to give a donation through contactless technology. Over the course of the summer, we hosted stands at festivals, attended private events and carried out fundraising at shopping centres and public spaces across the city: all in the name of tackling homelessness.

TAP’s fundraising went above and beyond anything we were expecting, and is vitally important to us. Monies raised will allow us to continue to provide essential help to people in crisis, with nowhere left to turn.
— Islington Foodbank

festival season 2017

TAP blagged spots at London’s biggest festivals in 2017: Community Festival, Wireless, Lovebox and Citadel. Not content to shake buckets at festival-goers, we created a fun, addictive and (very occasionally) rewarding experience for our donors in the form of a tin-can-alley game. To add a bit of pizazz, we teamed up with London’s artist du jour Camille Walala who designed the stand. TAP partnered with L’Oreal, 1Rebel, Ted Baker, and Jamie’s Italian to provide prizes for winners. 

We are really proud and grateful to all our volunteers - who not only raised a lot for good causes - but were also the first initiative in the UK to launch contactless giving in these spaces. Roll on this summer, when we'll be doing it all again!

If you'd like to be involved or for TAP to collect at your event, get in touch here.