007: cynthia poole


abstinant Londoners can heave a sigh of relief. THIS WEEK WE WAVED GOODBYE TO A COLD AND dry JANUARY WITH CYNTHIA POOLE.

With an estimated 3.1 million Brits taking part in Dry January this year, it's become something of a staple in the calendar. As of Thursday, the trusty lime and soda can be laid to rest for another eleven months. With one study revealing that a month off the booze can result in reduced liver fat, weight loss, improved skin and concentration, it's certainly worth a shot (pardon the pun) next year. 

The perfect piece to wave goodbye to Dry Jan? This deliciously composed painting by Cynthia Poole. Poole works in the meticulous and mind boggling medium of hyperrealism. Much of her work focuses on food packaging: vivid, bold colours competing within the same landscape. The mixed responses of nostalgia, hunger (even perhaps guilt) that are evoked by these objects are transformed into the carnival-like nature of consumer culture. 


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