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TAP works with a different London artist to bring you a carefully curated and unique art card. Sometimes the art is a bespoke piece created for TAP, and sometimes it comes from the vaults of a well-known artist. Either way, it illustrates a piece of news from that week, and if you collect all 52, you'll have the story of London, told through the eyes of the artists that live there. 



Shrigley is a British artist best known for his humorous cartoons which take an unflinching look at the bizarre, mundane and disquieting events which make up everyday life. 

Known, loved (and occasionally derided) for his rough drawn cartoon style, Shrigley's work has brought him world renowned and a Turner Prize nomination in 2013. In fact, Bowie's son, Duncan Jones revealed earlier this month that his dad was a huge fan of Shrigley's work. This, Shrigley says, "eclipses everything. There could be no higher endorsement". 

This week, we've used Shrigley's piece 'I Don't Have A Head', to capture the mood of Blue Monday - the official most depressing day of the year. The term was coined back in 2005, and the date was calculated through an elaborate equation which took into account weather, debt, motivation levels, time since Christmas, and the likelihood of having broken our New Year's resolutions. 

So if Dry January quickly became sodden - this is the card for you. Chin up London; summer isn't too far away! 


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