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TAP works with a different London artist to bring you a carefully curated and unique art card. Sometimes the art is a bespoke piece created for TAP, and sometimes it comes from the vaults of a well-known artist. Either way, it illustrates a piece of news from that week, and if you collect all 52, you'll have the story of London, told through the eyes of the artists that live there. 

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katie brosnan's wonderful live sketch from an austerity march illustrates an eventful week in london

Jeremy Hunt's nightmare continues, this time in a more unexpected turn of events, with Stephen Hawking taking him to court over the privatisation of the NHS, which he views as an "attack on the fundamental principles of the NHS". A campaign group backed by the Professor has been granted permission to challenge Hunt in the High Court, as early as March this year. The news coincided with Saturday's demonstration in Central London. 

Katie Brosnan, a Fine Art graduate, currently dipping her toes into the world of children's illustration attended the 'Our NHS' march in March 2017, and did a series of reportage drawings. In her own words:

On 4th March 2017, tens of thousands took to the streets in Central London in a national demonstration against further funding cuts to our National Health Service.This image is the cover of a short-illustrated pamphlet with drawings I made at the march and tells the story of the experience. I wanted to translate the feeling of being in and a part of something so big, the sense of energy, power of action, communal purpose and shared frustrations. The busyness of the pages reflects the denseness of the march. The end is the backs of the police as they bring up the rear of the crowd. The drawings were made with pencil and then painted layers were added digitally. I used NHS blue and red, the predominant colours visible during the protest. 

Brosnan is currently looking for publishers for her picturebook projects 'Keith Among the Pigeons', and 'The Quaddlehumps and the Doodlethumps', which explore themes of difference and immigration respectively. If you're not a publisher, but you're a fan of Brosnan's work, her graduation exhibition will take place in Islington at the Candid Arts Trust from the 13th-17th of February. Come one, come all! 


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